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Hideki Morii

森井 秀樹 もりい ひでき


Graduate Thesis
"Positronium Hyperfine Structure" [ps(3.8MB)] [ps.gz(1.0MB)]
Master Thesis
KOPIO実験のための中性子不感型光子検出器の設計[ps(10MB)] [ps.gz(1.9MB)] [pdf(6.1MB)]
source files(tex source, figures)
PhD Thesis
Experimental Study of the Decay KL-> pi0 nu nubar [pdf(8.5MB)]
"Quenching effects in nitrogen scintillation"
H. Morii et.al.
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 526, 399-408 (2004) [pdf(358kB)]
"Experimental study of the decay KL -> pi0 nu nubar"
J. K. Ahn et.al E391a Collaboration
Phys. Rev. D 81, 072004 (2010) [arXiv: hep-ex/0911.4789]


New Wiki (Technical information)
hms_hermes's technical note (@ FC2 Wiki)

Wiki (becoming obsolete)
Hideki MORII's Wiki Front Page

Misc Tips for Linux & PAW & emacs
misc Tips for Linux (for RH) (for Debian)
misc Tips for Mac[new]
misc Tips for PAW
cern ROOT quick reference for paw users
misc Tips for emacs & lisp
misc Tips for TeX (Mac + TeXShop)
misc Tips for Win
(LED Driver [pdf])

hobby etc.

Diary (on hatena.ne.jp) [old]
Dieter Returns
Travel Records
Sharp Zaurus
Computer Graphics (created with "Shade" and "Illustrator")


Kyoto Univ. HEP Group
Department of Physics, Kyoto University
KOPIO Experiment at BNL
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