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Introduction to the ICISE center and IFIRSE Institute

(From Jean Tran Thanh Van, Director of IFIRSE):

With the 50 years of experience of the Rencontres de Moriond, the ICISE center has been built with the aim of promoting scientific exchanges between Western scientists and Asian and particularly Vietnamese scientists. It is an independent non governmental organisation (NGO). It is entirely funded by personal contributions of scientists mainly from the HEP and Astrophysics communities.

Help to the active participation of our friends scientists from all over the words, the scientific program of ICISE is now in a good shape. It is why we can now try to contribute to the development of scientific research in this part of Vietnam. An Institute for Research (IFIRSE) has been created to promote research in Quy Nhon. The project is as follows :
  • The first step is the creation of a theoretical physics group which is officially launched on October 1st 2016 with two permanent members : Le Duc Ninh and Dao Thi Nhung who are now working in Quy Nhon.
  • The second step will be the creation of an experimental neutrino group with Cao Son (who is in Kyoto) and Nguyen Hong Van (from IOP, Hanoi)

For more information, please visit http://www.icisequynhon.com

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