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Welcome to the Neutrino Group at ICISE!

The International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), placed in the coastal city named Quy Nhon, Vietnam,  aims to bringing together scientists around the world to host conferences in various disciplines, mainly physics field. We find that this Center is also a unique place to grow an experimental high energy physics (HEP) group in Vietnam. A small group working in collaborating with T2K experiment or Super-K experiment in Japan would play a key role as a starter. Here we explain why experimental neutrino physics is our choice. In the short-term of 5 years, this group, which consists of a leader, foreign postdoctoral researchers, Vietnamese physicists and Ph.D students might focus on data and Monte Carlo (MC) simulation analysis. For a longer term, the group would be expanded and a possibility to build the R&D laboratory as well as real detectors placed at ICISE. A preliminary roadmap can be found here for English version and here for Vietnamese version.

Today neutrino is one of the hottest topic of particle physics. We have introduction of some topics of neutrino physics to general audience. 

In summer 2017, we would like to organize a summer neutrino school specially for Vietnamese students at ICISE center. This school aims to attract and train the next Vietnamese generation working on the neutrino physics. An abstract for the school can be found at here. If you are interested in this school, please email us.

We would like make Vietnam and Vietnamese scientists more visible to the scientific community, particularly physics. Building the experimental neutrino group in ICISE might be a promising move for this path.

If you are interested into this group, please contact:
V. Nguyen: nhvan@iop.vast.ac.vn  
S. Cao: cvson@post.kek.jp 

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