Welcome to High Energy Physics Laboratory! In this laboratory, we are researching particle physics experimentally toward breakthroughs of primordial laws which control matter.

Neutrino group

We are conducting the T2K experiment. In T2K, artifactually-produced neutrinos are shot toward Super-Kamiokande detector which is located 295km away. We are researching phenomena called "neutrino oscillations" to explore CP violation in lepton sector.


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ATLAS experiment group


We are conducting the ATLAS experiment. In ATLAS, the world's highest energy protons collide. Higgs particle and SUSY particle are expected to be discovered in this experiment.

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CMB experiment group

The purpose in the CMB experiment group is unraveling physical principles in the early universe via high-sensitive observations of 'Cosmic Microwave Background' (CMB). The CMB is a remaining electromagnetic radiation from an early stage of the universe right after Big Bang. Through its observation, we are trying to verify inflation theory and measure neutrino mass. CMB

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