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Sterile" Neutrino search

Standard neutrinos come in three flavors, each of which is associated with a particular charged lepton: electron, muon or tau. While the three-flavor neutrino standard model seems working fine to explain the data from solar, atmospheric, accelerator and reactor experiments, hint of the fourth flavor of neutrino, coming from LSND anomaly is worth to pursue. There is a number of experiments being planned to test this. If “sterile” neutrino is indeed existed, it might play an important role in the evolution of Universe. 

Hints for sterile" neutrino existence.

There are scattering indication of the “sterile” neutrino existence. It can be found in following [[todo: include plots for data excess]]:

How to hunt for sterile" neutrinos?

The effect of “sterile” neutrino existence can be searched via a deviation from the standard neutrino oscillation paradigm since they can mix with the standard neutrinos and thus change the amplitude of oscillation probability of standard neutrinos. In the simplest model of sterile neutrino, a fourth mass state with mass m4 is added into the mixing matrix of the standard neutrinos. Based on the LSND and MiniBooNE results, a mass range of “sterile” neutrino is predicted. The neutrino oscillation cannot tell the absolute mass of neutrinos but the mass squared difference between two flavor neutrinos. Three standards neutrinos have two mass squared differences of ~7.5x10-5 eV2 and 2.4x10-3 eV2. The sterile neutrino mass is hypothesized much heavier than the standard neutrinos and the mass squared difference of mixing between a sterile neutrino and a normal neutrino to be 0.1-10 eV2
So far, there are two methods to search “sterile” neutrino

Recent results in sterile" neutrino search

Recent result published by both MINOS and IceCube collaborations doesn’t show any evidence. However the search is still going on.


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