School program

We are building the program for the school. The detail will be posted soon.

First week

Second week

  • Total number of classes is about 21, and each class is 1.5 hours.
  • We will have 4 "basic lectures", 3 classes each.
    • Y. Oyama, 3 classes.Kamiokande Super-K, K2K, T2K. Historical review from a viewpoint of collaboration member. Study of atmospheric neutrino oscillation is also addressed.
    • B. Kayser, 3 classes, Theoretical lecture but he can cover various field of neutrino physics: "Neutrino phenomenology", "neutrino mass model"
    • F. Vannucci, 3 classes,Historical talk except Kamiokande related experiments.
    • M. Miura, 3 classes, Super-K Detector oriented lecture including reconstruction and simulation. Closely related to software training.