Oscilloscope Control through LAN


  • scopeman is updated 2009/7/21
    • correction: TRIGGER:A:EDGE:SOURCE
    • wfi files are saved just after single acquistion.


  • Scientific Linux SL release 4.4


  • vxi11.tar.gz
  • tek.tar.gz

VXI11 Ethernet Protocol for Linux

Linux Drivers for Tektronix Oscilloscopes and Arbitrary Function Generators


tar xvzf vxi11.tar.gz 
cd vxi11_1.08/
cd ..
tar xvzf tek.tar.gz 
cd tek_1.03/
cd utils/tgetwf/
./tgetwf -ip -f test1 -c 1 -clsw -n 10000

Decoder for binary output

Decoder for binary output with scale and offset correction from wfi file.

Utility for controlling oscilloscope through LAN

  • filescopeman.tgz
  • Extract under tek_1.03/utils and do make there
  • Usage
    • ./scopeman ip_of_oscilloscope
    • help
    • If you get RPC error, get IP for a oscilloscope, turn off the oscilloscope, turn on again, check the IP and try again.
  • TDS3000 and DPO4000 series can be controlled.

TDS3000 Manual

Attach file: 305 download [Information] filescopeman.tgz 464 download [Information] fileTDS300-Programmer.pdf 998 download [Information] 612 download [Information]

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